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EduMais Game Studio is born in Rio de Janeiro

02/02/2022 | 0 Comments

Day 2 of week 3 involves practicing the art of game design and developing games. The different groups exchange assignments to each other. Dev needs assets that the art team creates and the dev team builds new maze maps created by the game design team. It feels as if there is a studio in the making.

Summary of day 2 of week 3

Game Development Group

Creating the assets

The art group making the assets

Game Design Research

Game Design Group

Fernando Chamis and Yves Albuquerque from Webcore Games inspired the students what running a game studio is about. The students fired questions at these experienced professionals to learn everything about being a game designer.

Fernando Chamis & Yves Albuquerque

Blog written by Jurriaan van Rijswijk, with permission republished on our blog.