Exchange Program

Youth development experts agree that young people need a variety of experiences in their lives to grow into healthy adults. We provide this to some of our underprivileged students by sending them to summer camp in the United States!

We select the students based on merit, as well as character. This ensures that they are in the best position to make the most of the fantastic opportunity.

Our Exchange Program gives them the chance to experience full English immersion while staying in a safe and nurturing environment, a far cry from where they grew up. For two weeks, these underprivileged teenagers attend Camp Hazen YMCA, before spending a week in a homestay. Needless to say, the positive impact on them is immeasurable.

Indeed, the confidence of previous participants skyrocketed. Their English level improved dramatically and they developed invaluable social and life skills. Best of all, our Exchange Program has helped them to cultivate a positive vision of the future.

This program relies on the generous help of our partners at Brayce. Without their sponsorship, we would not be able to give these life-changing opportunities to our students.

EduMais Exchange Student Thais at her host family's house with her host students and a big welcome sign
EduMais Exchange Program student Thais in the United States with fellow exchange students and host American students

Camp Hazen YMCA

Camp Hazen offers our students the opportunity to master their English. In addition, they learn valuable life skills through a range of physical and creative activities. These include climbing, windsurfing, campfire cooking, ceremonies, and singing.

Small cabin groups and a no phone policy help to create a strong community feel. Whether it’s learning a new activity, making friends or becoming more resilient, camp truly expands our students’ horizons!

Leadership program
Camp Hazen also offers a Leadership Program. To be selected for this program, students have to commit to working hard and stepping outside their comfort zones. For three weeks they have workshops on leadership at camp, covering topics like communication skills, conflict resolution, and bully prevention. As a result, they have the chance to grow and develop as an individual.

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