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Solar Meninos de Luz logo

Solar Meninos de Luz

Solar Meninos de Luz is a civil and philanthropic organization promoting full-time formal and complementary education, culture, sport, and basic health care. It is based in the Pavão-Pavãozinho and Cantagalo communities of Rio de Janeiro’s South Zone and has been functioning since August 1991.

EduMais’s partnership with Solar ensures that our programs run as smoothly as possible. The EduMais classroom is located on the school’s premises and we have access to the school’s other facilities where needed. We are in constant dialogue about the best ways to meet student needs, working together passionately on the educational development of young people in Pavão-Pavãozinho and Cantagalo.

Hope for Tomorrow logo

Hope for Tomorrow

A non-profit organization based in The Netherlands, Hope for Tomorrow supports social projects that help provide disadvantaged youth with one of life’s essential building blocks: education in a caring environment. Hope for Tomorrow is active mainly in South America where it aims to build long-lasting partnerships with the organisations it supports.

EduMais is fortunate to be one of these organisations. We are extremely grateful for the significant, essential financial support Hope for Tomorrow provides to EduMais. Without them, we would not be able to continue investing more in our kids and our programs.

Wilde Ganzen

A non-profit organization based in The Netherlands with a mission to reduce poverty and inequality through community-led initiatives. They believe that communities should have control over their own development. The Wilde Ganzen Foundation uses more than 60 years of operational experience in international development to promote responsible philanthropy. They support social changemakers that are taking on initiatives to fight inequality.

EduMais is fortunate to be one of these organisations. We are extremely grateful for the significant, essential financial support Wilde Ganzen provides to EduMais. Without them, we would not be able to continue investing more in our kids and our programs.

Leadgate Europe logo

Leadgate Europe

Leadgate Europe is an Online Marketing agency focused on IT companies, based in Rotterdam (The Netherlands). Their goal is to help IT companies gain more leads by using a Marketing Strategy, Online Advertising, Content Marketing, Website Optimization, and Marketing Automation.

Leadgate Europe helped built the new EduMais website and helps us with optimizations and developments on the website. They also give us financial support for premium plugins used on the website, like the donation plugin. This ensures we will always be technologically up-to-date and can focus our costs on the provision of our programs.



The AECCI (Associação de Ex-Conselheiros e Conselheiros da Infância) is intended to promote, protect, research and develop activities of social control of the Human Rights of Children and Adolescents through the militancy of its associates, counselors and former counselors of rights and tutelary.

Our partnership with AECCI provides us with legal charity status in Brazil. As we are registered through them, we can receive our fundings in Brazil.

BRAYCE -Brazilian and American Youth Cultural Exchange logo


BRAYCE (BRazilian and American Youth Cultural Exchange) is an organisation enlisting US and Brazilian resources to provide intercultural exchanges, educational and leadership opportunities for the advancement of marginalized Brazilian youth.

Due to our partnership, EduMais can offer some of its students the chance to go abroad on our exchange program. This helps to develop their English, personal, and leadership skills.

Books Hostel - Rio de Janeiro logo

Books Hostel

Books is a hostel based in Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro. Thanks to Books, EduMais is able to offer special conditions to host arriving long-term volunteers. This enables our volunteers to settle in and find their way around Rio de Janeiro, before looking for a place to stay in the long-term.

Throughout the year, Books also organises fundraising dinners. At these events, their guests can eat great food while EduMais receives support in the form of the evenings’ proceeds.


El Misti Hostels

El Misti is a chain of five hostels based in the Copacabana and Ipanema neighbourhoods in Rio de Janeiro. 

They provide support to EduMais in two ways. Firstly, the hostel owners come and share their knowledge with students on our entrepreneurship program. Secondly, they provide invaluable internship opportunities to our 3rd grade Ensino Medio students. This gives them the chance to get their first work experience, an important step for their future careers.

Skills Builder

Skills Builder

Skills Builder is a london-based organization. Thanks to the partnership with Skills Builder, EduMais is able to support our students in building their essential skills for success.  This enables our volunteers to use a state-of-the-art-program in our Entrepreneurship Program to set our students for success.

They provide a suite of tools for our teachers to build essential skills in the Entrepreneurship classroom.

Global Dutchies

Global Dutchies

Global Dutchies is the platform that brings together traveling, entrepreneurial Dutch speaking women. It’s the place to find accommodations and exchange accommodations. 

They provide financial support to EduMais. The Global Dutchies platform supports EduMais by donating a part of the membership fee to good causes in the world lead by Dutch women.

Pour Le Brésil

Pour Le Brésil

Pour le Brésil is an initiative led by students of Sciences Po that broadcasts online discussions between high-level personalities, scholars, experts and representatives of international organizations. Their objective is to promote fruitful exchanges and discussions on how to overcome the main political, economic and social challenges towards a more sustainable and inclusive development in Brazil.


Projeto UERÊ

The UERÊ Project is a differentiated school with its own teaching methodology: UERÊ-MELLO Pedagogy. This is designed for children and young people with cognitive and emotional blocks due to constant exposure to trauma and violence.

EduMais has implemented many of the findings of the UERÊ Project’s research in its teaching methods. We are in dialogue with them to continue finding the best ways to serve our at-risk students’ needs.


Novos Líderes Empreendedores

Novos Líderes Empreendedores is an NGO based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Their aim is to awaken and strengthen the entrepreneur in adolescents and adults, generating impact on the communities around them and creating an alternative path to success.

During the planning of our Entrepreneurship Program, EduMais approached Novos Líderes Empreendedores, who kindly provided us with a course template. We were then able to adapt this to best meet our students’ needs.

Level Up Village logo

Level Up Village

Level Up Village is a social impact company based in Old Greenwich, Connecticut, United States. Their mission is to globalize the classroom and facilitate seamless collaboration between students from around the world via pioneering Global STEAM (STEM + Arts) enrichment courses.

With the support of Level Up Village, EduMais is able to provide a Web Design course that develops our students’ technological literacy. They supplied a course template which we were then able to adapt to the specific needs of our students.


Mais Caminhos

Mais Caminhos is a non-governmental organisation focussed on addressing the social inequalities that affect the lives of Brazilians everyday. Their mission is to transform the lives of underprivileged children and adolescents living in socially vulnerable conditions in Rio de Janeiro.

Our partnership with Mais Caminhos ensures that both organisations are working together to provide the disadvantaged children and teenagers of the Pavão-Pavãozinho and Cantagalo favelas with the educational opportunities to realise their dreams.

Caminhos Language Centre

An offshoot of Mais Caminhos, The Caminhos Language Centre is a very good Portuguese school in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. They offer high-quality Portuguese courses in a relaxed and fun environment. Their methodology is based on the communicative approach and they offer unique course material for all levels of Portuguese.

Caminhos Language Centre enables EduMais volunteers to receive high-quality, affordable Portuguese classes close to where EduMais works.

Voys logo


Voys is a company based in The Netherlands that provides telecommunication in the cloud.

Thanks to them, EduMais now has a stable internet connection. This helps us to better support the kids on our programs, especially Web and Game Design.


Positive Discipline

Positive Discipline is a program developed by Dr. Jane Nelsen. It is designed to teach young people to become responsible, respectful and resourceful members of their communities.

Positive Discipline forms a central part of EduMais’s teaching methodology.

WINGS Foundation logo

WINGS Foundation

WINGS Foundation is a non-profit based in Sweden that aims to make a long-term difference on a global scale. Their “Children of the World” project supports initiatives across the world, with the main purpose of making a lasting difference for children and youngsters. WINGS foundation donates all kinds of materials to our children from our Education-Based Football Program .



Boskalis is a renowned dredging company from The Netherlands. In 2017, Boskalis Rio de Janeiro supported EduMais by making a financial donation to help to develop educational programs for our children.
In 2019, we also received laptops to support our Web and Game Design Programs, as well as the general management of EduMais.

David Hekkers

David Hekkers is a photographer, traveler, and storyteller. He traveled around South America for 2 years, using photography to tell stories and capture moments. In July 2020, he began to donate 50% of the sales of his beautiful prints to EduMais to support our kids through the COVID-19 pandemic.



A non-profit organisation based in New York, United States, Samba 360’s mission is to provide relief to disadvantaged children, both domestically and abroad, through the collection of donated sporting and other recreational equipment.

Thanks to Samba 360, the children on our Education-Based Football Program have received countless shirts, shoes, and footballs. Everything they need to best participate in the program.

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