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Changing Lives

At EduMais, we are proud to have a range of programs to cater to the different needs and interests of the underprivileged young people we work with.

Despite the variety of our programs, there are some things that they all have in common.

In order to reach as many children and teenagers as possible, all of our programs are free at the point of use. This helps us to ensure equality of access, a driving force behind everything we do.

In addition, to encourage our students to develop into responsible adults, we include Positive Discipline in all our programs. This way, we ensure that we are always working on the students’ social and emotional learning.

Lastly, every program we offer relies entirely upon the generosity, dedication, and commitment of our volunteer team. Without the efforts of these wonderful people, we simply would not be able to serve so many children.

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Kids raising hands in classroom

English Classes

Learning English is one of the best ways to open doors for our kids. It is their “passport” to the world and better opportunities in the future. Combining the UERÊ-MELLO approach to teaching with Positive Discipline ensures our classes develop our students’ emotional well-being, as much as their language skills.

EduMais students work on their web design and computer skills in the IT room of Solar Meninos de Luz school

Serious Game Design

To meet the needs of the underprivileged children and teenagers we work with, we teach them computer skills like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and web design. Students learn how to create their own website, as well as some basic coding. This changes their world and gives them the skills to change the world around them.

EduMais's Entrepreneurship group with El Misti hostel owners, their teacher Thais, and volunteer English teacher Anna

Entrepreneurship Course

On our entrepreneurship course, students design a business plan to address a need in the community. They plan the project from beginning to end in English. While continuing to improve their language skills, they thus have an invaluable opportunity to picture themselves as business owners.

EduMais's Enter the Labour Market Group with volunteer Karin and El Misti hostel owner German Olano

Enter the Labour Market

After talking to final year students, we realised that they were very anxious about their post-school lives. Our Enter the Labour Market course helps prepare them for the next steps. Crucially, the students learn the skills necessary to market themselves and have successful futures.

Participants on EduMais's 2018 Summer Camp and their volunteer English teachers hold a flag saying English on it

Summer Camps

EduMais is proud to offer Summer Camp Programs to support at-risk children and teenagers during the long school holidays. We fill their summer afternoons with learning, physical activity, and healthy food options. As of 2019, we run both an English and a Programming Summer Camp. Fun and education combined!


Exchange Program

A select few of the underprivileged teenagers we work with are given a life-changing opportunity. We send them to a summer camp in the United States, before they spend a week in a homestay. Full English immersion in a nurturing environment has an immeasurable impact upon them.

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