Providing quality education to
Underprivileged Children and Teenagers

in Rio de Janeiro's favelas

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Empowering disadvantaged young people in
Pavão-Pavãozinho and Cantagalo

with the skills to change their future

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Shaping the character of
At-risk Children and Teenagers

with Positive Discipline and Social and Emotional Learning

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Giving them a
Loving and Safe Place

to experiment, grow, and learn

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As we believe
everyone deserves access

to a good education

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Help at-risk children and teenagers realise their dreams!


Give disadvantaged young people the chance to change their future!


Join forces with us to transform the lives of underprivileged youth!

What is EduMais?

Striving for a better future

Founded in 2016, EduMais is a nonprofit organization providing high-quality education to underprivileged children and teenagers in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Motivated by the urge to prevent their many talents from going to waste, our educational programs empower at-risk young people in the Pavão-Pavãozinho and Cantagalo favelas with the skills to build a future away from poverty, violence, and drugs. All nine of these programs are free for our students as we believe everyone deserves access to a good education. But to make this possible, we rely on the generosity of our wonderful donors. Join us and let’s transform lives together!


Students per week

Volunteers per day

Educational programs

Free education

Our Success Stories

Seeing the impact

EduMais Community English student Izabely

"My English has improved so much with EduMais and I now tutor other students at my school!"

Izabely, Community English Program

EduMais after-school program student Andre grins widely with an eaten segment of a watermelon

"Andre's behaviour is so much better at home and at school. I can't thank EduMais enough for the after-school program!"

Andre’s mother, After-School Program

Entrepreneurship Course student Caio stood in front of the whiteboard showing his Ikigai poster

"Thanks to EduMais's Entrepreneurship course I was able to get my first job at El Misti Hostel!"

Caio, Entrepreneurship Program

EduMais Exchange Program Student Thais

"The best experience I've ever had. I grew more than any other time in my entire life!"

Thaís, Exchange Program


"My son is beaming! I've never seen him as happy as during these summer holidays!"

Eryc’s Mum, Summer Camp Program

EduMais entrepreneurship program student in Rio de Janeiro's favelas presents her passions board

"The course is very good, it taught us things we will take with us for the rest of our lives!"

Enter the Labour Market Program feedback

EduMais student gives a thumbs up and smile to the camera

"I'm so grateful for the chance EduMais is giving to Pablo. I never would have been able to afford an English course for him. He's already talking about studying and living abroad!"

Pablo’s mother, Extracuricular English Program

EduMais student Nicolle poses for the camera on the football pitch

"Football helps me to make friends and helps me to do better at school: I can focus better and I have better results. The coach helps me to know what is good and wrong. He gives great advice."

Nicolle, Education-Based Football Program

Boys on EduMais's Game Design Camp looking intently at their computers

"I loved the programming course. It was really cool to make our own game and learn things we haven't done in maths class yet. I now understand maths better and it was much more fun and interesting too!"

Game Design Program

Why Choose Us?

What attracts our donors

Low-Cost Model

You can have a big impact on a child's life with just a small gift


You will be made to feel like part of the EduMais family


You can read our financial reports at the end of every year


Like us, you believe that everyone deserves access to good education

Our Programs

Changing lives

EduMais English students desperate to answer the teacher's question and one boy even stands up from his chair in excitement


As part of their curriculum, students of Solar Meninos de Luz school receive English lessons from EduMais. Fast-paced and dynamic, these classes focus on their English speaking skills.

Students in EduMais's Community English program on a line in their chairs smiling in the classroom

Extracurricular English

Solar Meninos de Luz students are given the chance to further develop their English outside of school hours. Students at other schools are also able to participate in our community English classes.

EduMais students work on their web design and computer skills in the IT room of Solar Meninos de Luz school

Web Design

As well as teaching web and game design, this program works on students’ computer literacy. Students learn computer skills like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint while designing their first website.

EduMais volunteer Eva and two boys on our after-school program give thanks before a snack of mango and bananas


This program enables young children to work on their academic and personal development with creative and physical activities. These include homework assistance, art, games, sports, and local trips.

Student on EduMais's Education-Based Football Program gets ready to take a free kick on the pitch in Cantagalo

Education-based Football

As not every child loves classroom learning, we reach out to them through Brazil’s most beloved sport: football. Students work on skills, strategies, and tactics, as well as social and emotional learning.

Participants on EduMais's 2018 Summer Camp and their volunteer English teachers hold a flag saying English on it

Summer Camps

Our English Summer Camp includes a variety of activities to make language learning fun, such as arts and craft, sports, and music. As of 2019, we also run a Programming Summer Camp.

Students on EduMais's Entrepreneurship Course with the El Misti Owners and their volunteer teachers Anna and Roberto


Final year high school students come up with a project to address a need in the community. They then have to develop and present their business plans, in English, over the course of the school year.

EduMais Exchange Student Thais at Rio Galeão airport with her mother and two other exchange students


A select few students are given the life-changing opportunity to attend YMCA Camp Hazen in the United States. Including a homestay with a family, the trip rapidly develops their English and life skills.

Students on EduMais's Enter the Labour Market program with their volunteer teachers Karin and German

Enter the Labour Market

Leaving school can be nerve-wracking. We prepare final year students for the next steps with our Enter the Labour Market course. They learn the skills necessary to successfully market themselves.


Get involved

At EduMais, we are proud to have a very committed team of international volunteers. They are strictly selected, undergo a background screening, and are trained in our methodology: Positive Discipline. They teach and share their knowledge with our children, giving the best of themselves every day.











Do you also want to make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged young people? Join us and volunteer for free in Rio de Janeiro!

Our Values

What drives us

After-school student forms a heart with washing up liquid bubble in his hands and Martin Luther King Jr quote about love overlaid


We love equipping underprivileged young people in the Pãvao-Pavãozinho and Cantagalo communities with the skills to achieve their full potential. With unconditional love, they can learn, grow and have hope for the future. Indeed, they discover just how capable they are!

EduMais student studying with Nelson Mandela quote about Education being the most powerful weapon to change the world overlaid


We empower at-risk young people by increasing their access to education. As well as academic development, our programs focus on the students’ social and emotional learning. By surrounding them with attention and support, we shape their character and prepare them for the future.

Boys on After-School Program pose with various fruits with Aldous Huxley quote about the spirit of the child overlaid on image


We are committed to improving the lives of disadvantaged children and adolescents in Rio de Janeiro’s favelas. Our dedicated volunteers are trained to create a safe place of exploration, experimentation, and learning where these young people can feel connected and valued.

EduMais volunteer Hamish with EduMais students and Muhammad Ali quote about service to others


We care about the young people we work with. Unfortunately, growing up in difficult circumstances can have a profound effect on them and their behaviour. Following Positive Discipline’s mantra of “firm but kind,” we aim to develop them into responsible members of the community.

EduMais student smiles with quote about how you cannot make people learn, only provide the right conditions for it to happen


We encourage children and teenagers to learn about their strengths and to become the best versions of themselves, regardless of the circumstances they live in. By fostering a caring and supportive environment, we motivate them to develop curiosity, creativity, and a love of learning.

EduMais football student with arm around younger boy and Martin Luther King quote about need to learn to live together


We listen to the disadvantaged young people we work with as every child deserves to be treated with dignity and integrity. We instill the democratic principles of respect and equality in all our programs. When their voices are heard, young people feel a sense of belonging and significance.

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