The importance of fundraising

Why EduMais is built on its fundraisers

EduMais relies upon the generosity of its wonderful donors and fundraisers. Without their ongoing support, we would not be able to provide quality education to 350 at-risk children and teenagers.

Our supporters have carried out some fantastic fundraisers in the past. They’ve shown initiative, creativity, and have often challenged themselves beyond all expectation. We cannot express our gratitude enough. These wonderful people have helped EduMais to get to where it is today. And they’re thinking of new things to do to support us and our children every day.

Would you also like to support the education of vulnerable children and teenagers but aren’t quite sure where to start? Check out EduMais volunteer Zac’s blog post about fundraising ideas to get you on your way!


Our current Fabulous Fundraisers

Fundraising initiatives to support EduMais in the present

At the moment, our supporters have planned the following fundraisers for 2020:

Books Hostel will continue to organise regular dinner evenings.  At these events, guests enjoy great food while supporting a good cause: EduMais!

Bonhoeffer College from Enschede, the Netherlands is going to participate at the World Championships for students in Foz Iguaçu in Brazil. After the championships they will visit EduMais in Rio de Janeiro. Bonhoeffer College is currently fundraising for their trip and 20% will go to EduMais. For mor information click on the link.

Canasta Group will continue to support EduMais. This international group of women based in Rio de Janeiro get together on a weekly base and the proceeds of these gatherings come to EduMais.

Let us know if you also have something planned so we can list it here and support you in your fundraising efforts!

Our previous Fabulous Fundraisers

Fundraising initiatives that supported EduMais in the past: the Wall of Fame

Our campaigners have done some pretty amazing things to raise money for education over the years. Here is an overview we hope will act as inspiration for you!

WhatsApp Image 2020-07-29 at 16.02.54

Dublin to Rio for EduMais

Holly Ellis – a friend of one of EduMais’ longterm partners, Felipe of Books Hostel – wanted to do something to support our kids during the coronavirus pandemic. Together with family, friends, and EduMais volunteers, Holly and Felipe plan to walk, run, and cycle the distance between Rio and Dublin (where Holly is from) in August 2020.


David Hekkers Print Sales

David Hekkers is a photographer, traveler, and storyteller. He traveled around South America for 2 years, using photography to tell stories and capture moments. In July 2020, he began to donate 50% of the sales of his beautiful prints to EduMais to support our kids through the COVID-19 pandemic.


611 Kilometres for 611 Families

In April 2020, the EduMais team collectively ran 611 kilometres to support 611 families during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Johan Lust and Esther de Wildt

Celebration Family Birthdays

Johan Lust a long time friend of Diana Nijboer celebrated all the birthdays of the family on 28 December 2019. They asked for donation to support the kids of EduMais! And their friends gave generously! A total of € 850.00 has been raised

Bohrer Fitness Team in Rio de Janeiro

BF Team Trail Run Patagonia

In April 2019, the Bohrer Fitness Team of Rio de Janeiro did a trail run in Patagonia. They’re running to help fund EduMais’s Exchange Program.

They raised € 1680 for EduMais’s Exchange Program.

Heleen van Brabant

Birthday Celebration

Heleen van Brabandt celebrated her birthday and instead of presents for herself she asked for donations for the children of EduMais. Her friends gave generously. A total of € 500 was raised for EduMais.

EduMais volunteer Daan presenting Leadgate with a signed t-shirt from the kids from Rio de Janeiro's favelas

New Website Launch

EduMais’s newest partner, Leadgate, promoted the launch of our new website in February 2019 with online marketing and social media attention in the Netherlands. They linked a donation action to this so that everyone could donate through the new payment system on the EduMais website. A total of € 110,- has been raised.


Church collection

With the second offertory in February 2019, the Immanuel Church of Groningen raised € 194,00 to support EduMais and our children.

Two smiling women

Eva's juwelen

Every year leading up to Christmas, Eva Severijns donates the proceeds from her jewellery sales to a charity of her choice. In December 2018, EduMais was very fortunate to be the grateful recipients of her wonderful initiative. She raised €620 for EduMais.

Christmas Presents 2019

Canasta Group Rio de Janeiro

Sinds December 2018, Vanete Barr and her Canasta Group in Rio de Janeiro have been supporting EduMais with funds raised for different programs of EduMais like Christmas presents presents for EduMais’s children, support the Exchange Program, Education Based Football Program. They raised R$ 14.100 so far.

Runner on stage Rio de Janeiro

Rio Half Marathon

In December 2018, EduMais volunteers Daan Gooren and Hannah van Akkeren, former EduMais student Caio Vitor Leme, and EduMais long-term supporter Amit Kumar ran the half-marathon with founder Diana Nijboer to raise money for our Summer Camps. They raised €6.600


Church Collection

In 2018, the Protestant Church in Slochteren selected EduMais as one of its good causes for Thanksgiving Day. The church raised € 1.250 to enable us to further invest in our educational programs.


Anniversary Gift

In November 2018, friends of EduMais founder Diana Nijboer celebrated their anniversary by asking for money for EduMais, instead of presents. They raised €2.000, which was used to further support our Education-Based Football Program.

EduMais volunteer Anna Bowman showing her IronMan medal

IronMan 70.3

In September 2018, EduMais volunteer Anna Bowman pushed herself to the limits by doing an IronMan 70.3 to raise money for the students on EduMais’s Entrepreneurship Program. She raised €1,660.

Two man with hats and glasses on at Ben Nevis Scotland

Ben Nevis climb

In June 2018. Hamish and David Wilson did a sponsored climb of Ben Nevis in Scotland. Hamish would go on to volunteer with EduMais as a classroom assistant afterwards. They raised
€2.250 for EduMais.


Retirement Gift

Johan Dorst retired in May 2018 and instead of asking for presents, he asked for contributions to EduMais. His lovely idea raised €1.400 for EduMais.


Rio half marathon

In April 2018, Andre von Malotki, husband of EduMais volunteer Karin, ran the Rio half marathon with Diana to raise the funds to start our Education-Based Football Program. They raised €4.360


PKN Ferwert

Since January 2017, the Lord’s supper Offertory of the Protestant Church in the municipality Ferwert, The Netherlands, has been donated to EduMais. Thanks to the yearly support, we can continue to invest in our children’s educational programs.

Man and two women with a plate of food in the kitchen

Dinner evenings

EduMais partner, Books Hostel, organised regular dinner evenings where guests could enjoy great food while supporting a good cause! From 2016 onwards, they raised R$7.000 for EduMais.

Amit and Diana before Rio Night Run 2017

Rio Night Run

In 2017, long-term EduMais supporter, Amit Kumar, ran the Rio Night Run with Diana to help raise money for laptops. They raised €4.195

Oliebollen in pan

'Dutch Doughnuts' (oliebollen)

In 2016, Berry Benjert and Jan van Iersel organised an event where they baked Dutch Doughnuts. On New Year’s Eve, guests could enjoy a real Dutch treat while supporting a good cause! They raised R$600 for EduMais.

Amit Kumar Stand-Up Comedian Rio de Janeiro

Standup Comedy

In his spare time, Amit Kumar organises standup comedy evenings. They are always hilarious, filled with a mix of Brazilian and foreign talent who give outstanding performances on a wide range of topics. In 2017, Amit arranged several standup comedy evenings which raised R$800 for EduMais.

Samba para EduMais

Samba for EduMais

A samba night was the first fundraising event EduMais organised in 2016. In the heart of Lapa, a great carioca samba band performed their wonderful music in support of EduMais. Everyone had a fun time dancing the night away! The evening raised R$600 for EduMais.

Love donate logos

Fundraising Annual Traditions

EduMais traditions

Every year, EduMais founder Diana Nijboer runs in several fundraising events with members of the volunteer team and/or other supporters of EduMais.

Why not join them on some of their scenic runs through Rio de Janeiro? EduMais has a running group and new members are always welcome to join us in the city!