EduMais Newsletter Year 1 Volume 2

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EduMais Newsletter Year 1 Number 1

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Creating Entrepreneurs in the Favelas in Rio de Janeiro

By Anna Bowman We are in the heart of the second year of the Entrepreneurship Course. And […]

Growing Confidence with Stilt Walking in the Favelas in Rio de Janeiro

“He doesn’t know his birthday”, a classmate said to me in our classroom in the favela in […]

The Reality of Favela Life for EduMais’s Children

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But this can still leave many things unsaid. […]

12 (Mostly) Easy Ways to Fundraise for EduMais

Without the ongoing support of its wonderful donors and fundraisers, EduMais would not function. But if you […]

Learning, creativity and fun: the impact of the EduMais English Summer Camp

For three weeks, EduMais volunteers volunteered on the English language summer camp for over 20 children in […]

What do the election results mean for EduMais?

 A leap into the dark. This was how one of Brazil’s largest newspapers, O Estado de São […]

How will Anna’s Ironman 70.3 fundraiser support our students?

We’re back with an update about Anna’s heroic Ironman 70.3. On Sunday the 30th of September, she […]

5 social and emotional learning principles in the EduMais classroom

At EduMais, we teach a broad curriculum of English, Sport, Web Design, Art and Entrepreneurship. But for […]