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Summer School: Serious Game Design 2023

09/01/2023 | 0 Comments

EduMais and Games for Health Summer School second edition

.Tuesday, Jan 3rd, 2023, was the start of the second edition.

We did it again. And this year even with more support and less COVID. It is amazing to recognize the energy people bring to make this year an even bigger success than it already was in 2022. And nice to have you live with us, Ellis.

So what are we going to do? What is the Summer School about?

Well: it’s about Teaching Teachers Teaching Educational Game Design by teaching students.

Basically, we will train the teachers to become skilled educational game design teachers in 4 weeks together with students from Favela PPG that voluntarily signed up for the summer school. We will focus on 4 subjects:

1. Game Design
2. Art and
3. programming
4. Public relations



Every week a group of teachers focuses on one of the three topics. And in the last week, the new-born Game Design Teachers together with their students will Game Jam an entire week making as many beautiful as learningful as joyful, and awesome educational games as possible.

This blog summarizes the process and outcome of this summer school and tells the story of this growing initiative founded and supported by Edumais and Games for Health and with the support of many organizations like Instituto Oswaldo Cruz and Scola Solar and individuals.

Closing circle



All people involved will pass by in the coming weeks. So please sign-up for this daily Blog during this month (January) and please pass it on!

Having fun is learning.