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Summer School Favela Rio de Janeiro: @PPGames_plus Instagram is live

20/01/2023 | 0 Comments

The EduMais & Games for Health Game Design Summer Course is on the run! It is amazing to see how super fast the teachers and students learn and start making art, designing games, learning how to program, and promoting and sharing their work. They have come-up also with a beautiful name and self-designed logo.

PPGames_Plus Logo

They beautifully described also what the logo is about: the two green hills on where they live and where the Favela PPG rises above the city of Rio de Janeiro, the houses they live in, the games they create, the Sun (Solar) as the name of the School EduMais is part of, the name PPG referring to the name of the Favela Pavão-Pavãozinho-Cantagalo, to the games and the plus (+) referring EduMais. Mais in Portuguese means more or plus.

An impression of the Favelas PPG

The PR team created an Instagram page where all developments of the games and course can be found @ppgames_plus

PPGames_plus Instagram photos

What is the program about and what is the story? What better to ask the people involved?

The first to tell us what the PPGames_plus Summer Course is about is Marcello de Vasconcellos: