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How to avoid ´How was your day?

06/01/2016 | 0 Comments

Article originally written by Cathy and published on fabulesslyfrugal.com

Parent: “How was your day?”
Child: “Fine”.
Parent: “What did you do today?”
Child: “I dunno…”

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone! I’ve surprisingly gotten this response from my kidlets quite a bit this school year. Obviously they didn’t just do “nothing” at school all day… as a parent, I feel it is my duty to take a special interest in my child’s day. I think it’s important to be involved, show that we care, ask questions and look for opportunities to teach whenever we can. Making this extra effort also helps stay tuned in to any problems that need to be addressed such as questionable behavior or issues that may be arising between friends . Sometimes it’s easy to get into a natural routine of simply asking “How was your day?” and nothing more. This has been the case for us lately so I decided to come up with a list of new and specific questions to get the kids talking and hopefully spark some fun conversations!

20 Great Questions To Ask Kids After School:

  1. What was your favorite part of your day?
  2. Who did you play with at recess?
  3. Did you raise your hand in class today?
  4. Who did you sit next to at lunch? What did you eat?
  5. Did you learn something new today? Can you tell me about it so I can learn too?
  6. Were you able to finish all of your work today?
  7. Who is the friendliest person in your class?
  8. Did you make any new friends?
  9. Does anyone in your class need a time out? Why?
  10. What kinds of things do you have in your desk right now?
  11. Was there anything that made you sad today?
  12. Do you have any homework that I can help you with?
  13. What are you looking forward to at school tomorrow?
  14. Tell me about something kind you did for someone today. Did someone do something nice for you?
  15. What did you do in P.E./music/library today?
  16. Did you do anything you that you don’t enjoy today? Why don’t you like it?
  17. Who is someone at school that could use a friend?
  18. Is there anything you heard at school today that you don’t understand?
  19. What are you learning about in class tomorrow?
  20. Tell me something that made you laugh today?
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