EduMais Game Studio is born in Rio de Janeiro

Day 2 of week 3 involves practicing the art of game design and developing games. The different […]

The Art of Storytelling and Story writing and Games

Tuesday and Wednesday the students of the EduMais Summer Camp Educational Game Design Course started with the […]

Serious Game Design: First game concepts are a fact!

Today the students created the first Educational Game Concepts: whoooppp whoooop. PARTY Blog written by Jurriaan van […]

Jaque is Starting University Following her Long-Term Dream

Jaque is 20 years old and only child. Her parents had formal education till the age of 12. Her mother […]

Responsible Citizenships in Favelas in Rio de Janeiro

by Diana Nijboer, founder and director of EduMais Talking about responsible citizenship in favelas in Rio de […]