Extracurricular English

Aware their parents would not be able to pay for an external course, some determined students requested extra English lessons. We simply couldn’t say no!

Our extracurricular English classes for Solar students take place twice a week, from six until seven in the evening. The commitment of these students should not be underestimated. They already spend ten hours at school as it is!

As the classes take place at the end of the day, we ensure that they are as fun as they are educational. For example, we include a lot of interactive games, role plays, songs, and even raps.

We also encourage the students to continue their learning outside the classroom with vocabulary notebooks and the mobile app, Duolingo.

Most importantly of all, these dedicated students are making great progress with their English. It’s nothing less than their fantastic efforts deserve!

Volunteer English teacher Rebeka stood in front of the extracurricular English group in the EduMais classroom

Community English

We are keen to reach as many young people in the Pavão-Pavãozinho and Cantagalo favelas as possible. Therefore, we offer additional extracurricular opportunities to children and teenagers at other public schools via our Community English Program.

Classes take place twice a week, for two hours, with a maximum of 15 students per class.

To best support language development, we focus on speaking, listening and writing. Like our other extracurricular English classes, we create dynamic lessons by including a wide variety of interactive games and exercises.

In addition, we sometimes take the students on local trips to provide another context for language learning. These have included visits to the Museum of Modern Art and the botanical gardens. Everyone always has a great time!

Our Community English students are just as determined as those in our other classes. And we’re just as proud of their development. Indeed, when someone with vast experience of international charity work sat in on one of their lessons, he commented that their English level was the highest he had ever seen in a volunteer class in Rio de Janeiro!

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