Volunteering at EduMais

Make a difference

Do you want to make a difference by volunteering in the favelas in Rio de Janeiro? Are you as passionate about at-risk children and teenagers as EduMais is? Join us and start to volunteer in Brazil! Our kids need the support and guidance of someone who loves education, loves to teach, and loves them.

At EduMais, we are proud to have a very committed team of international volunteers. They are strictly selected, undergo a background screening, and are trained in our methodology: Positive Discipline. They teach and share their knowledge with our children, giving the best of themselves every day.

And they get given a lot back. The children appreciate what their volunteer teachers are trying to do for them, as do we at EduMais.

What’s more, there’s plenty to be gained and learned by volunteering in the favelas in Brazil. If you’re thinking about doing this, we believe there are many good reasons to choose EduMais.

Volunteer in Rio de Janeiro for free!

EduMais is a small NGO in Brazil, and volunteering with us is 100% free. Although you are responsible for your flight, accommodation, and living costs, there is no program or participation fee. The time and love you give to our students is payment enough.

However, time is very important. We believe that short-term volunteering (i.e. less than 3 months) is of little benefit to our students. Their lives are unstable enough as it is. What they need are responsible, reliable people who will spend the time to build meaningful connections with them.

Furthermore, although we offer free volunteering opportunities in Rio de Janeiro, one of the world’s most amazing cities, volunteering at EduMais is not a breeze. We require you to be professional and dedicated, to treat your role with the seriousness you would a paid job. Our students rely on you to teach them, no matter how strongly Ipanema beach might be calling!

But if you’re truly interested in using your skills and knowledge to benefit those less fortunate than you, there is a lot to be gained if you’re willing to give. Though we have a clear target of what we want to achieve and how we want to achieve it, we’re very open to new ideas in lesson planning and learning activities. As a volunteer for EduMais, you have the chance to be an essential part of the project!

You will also have the opportunity to gain confidence and new skills while challenging yourself. Indeed, our volunteers say that they learn as much from the children as the children do from them!

Apply now, and became a volunteer in Rio de Janeiro for free!

Volunteering for free in Brazil

What you will get

We believe that volunteering in Rio’s favelas with EduMais comes with many benefits for you, as well as for the at-risk children and teenagers we work with. For example, you will have the chance to:

  • Volunteer in Rio de Janeiro for free, one of the most exciting, fun, and beautiful cities in the world!
  • Make a difference in the lives of our at-risk children and teenagers
  • Receive practical knowledge about Positive Discipline
  • Make new friends and become a lifelong member of the EduMais family
  • Receive special conditions from one of our sponsors, Books Hostel in Lapa. We can also offer you assistance with finding a more long-term place to stay
  • Learn new and develop existing skills and knowledge. As well as teaching experience, these include things like teamwork, leadership, problem-solving and people skills. In turn, your CV and future career prospects will be enhanced
  • Get to know the favela communities beneath the media headlines
  • Gain invaluable real-world experience by stepping out of your comfort zone
  • Be as inspired as we are by the resolve and ingenuity of our students, offering you a different perspective on your life back home
  • Have the opportunity to improve your Portuguese
  • Get as much love and learning back from the kids as you give to them!
  • Lastly, on successful completion of your volunteer contract, we will, of course, happily provide you with a recommendation letter!
EduMais volunteer English teacher Daan receives a warm hug from one of his students in the classroom

What is expected of you

As mentioned above, just because volunteering with us is free does not mean it’s easy. To give the best to our students, we thus expect the following of you:

  • Commitment and punctuality. Both the kids and the rest of the volunteer team will be relying on you. We need you to be dedicated, reliable, and a positive team member
  • We ask that you treat our at-risk youngsters, as well as all other members of the favela communities we work in, with the respect and dignity they deserve
  • An intermediate level of Portuguese will greatly improve your interactions with the children. For some of our volunteering opportunities, it is even a prerequisite. If you want to brush up on your Portuguese, we recommend Caminhos Language Centre. It is the closest language school in our neighborhood. They offer courses for different levels at reasonable prices
  • To aid team-building and provide opportunities for feedback, we have volunteer meetings once a month. Please do your very best to attend
  • While volunteering with us, we ask that you use your social media accounts to share our mission and fundraising campaigns with your friends and family. Often, the personal connection is a great way of helping us to get more support!
  • Also, at the end of your volunteering period, we request that you write a blog post about your experience
  • Last but by no means least, we ask that you fulfill the terms of your volunteering contract with us. Please think carefully about whether you will be able to see it through, as it’s very disappointing for us when this doesn’t happen. Of course, unforeseen things can happen, but the time we spend on volunteer applications, inductions, training etc. is significant. Please respect this
EduMais after-school students wash up their plates while volunteer Ed tidies the room in the background

What you believe

All EduMais volunteers play an essential role in upholding our values. Therefore, it is vital that the following beliefs speak to you:

  • You believe that education can change lives
  • Making a difference and having a positive impact on the world are things that drive you
  • You are passionate about helping to improve the lives of those less fortunate than you
  • You believe that all children deserve to be treated with dignity and respect
  • Challenging yourself is something you embrace
  • You are able to take individual responsibility while also being an effective team member
  • You are interested in more responsible forms of tourism and giving back to the local communities
  • Even if you have no working knowledge of Positive Discipline, you are at least curious to know more
  • You believe in equality, regardless of someone’s race, gender, age, or any other factor that might be used to form the basis of prejudice and discrimination

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