What is Our Mission?

Founded in 2016, EduMais is a nonprofit organization based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Our mission is to provide quality education to underprivileged children and teenagers in the Pavão-Pavãozinho and Cantagalo favelas.

Although they live in impoverished conditions, these at-risk young people have too many talents to go to waste. Our educational programs are designed to empower them with the skills to build a brighter future away from poverty, violence, and drugs.

As well as developing their academic abilities, all of our programs employ Positive Discipline to support our children’s social and emotional learning. We want them to have the social and life skills necessary for success.

Given the disadvantaged circumstances of our children, access to our educational programs is always freeA team of dedicated volunteers and a close partnership with Solar Meninos de Luz school allow EduMais to operate on a true low-cost model.

Nevertheless, to make our programs possible, EduMais relies on the generous donations of both individuals and organisations. With your support, we can continue to transform the lives of these wonderful young people with the good education they deserve!

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EduMais student Wesley and friend smile outside Solar Meninos de Luz

How do we reach our goals?

  • Partnership with a local school (Solar Meninos de Luz)
  • Access to all facilities at Solar
  • Presence of 5 days a week at Solar
  • Our Methodology: Positive Discipline
  • 9 different, self-developed educational programs
  • Constant curriculum assessment and development to best meet the children’s educational needs
  • A dedicated team of 15 to 25 volunteers per day
  • Measuring, tracking and recording the development of the kids
  • Regular meetings with parents, teachers, and community members to assess current needs
  • The generosity of all our fantastic donors and partners!

EduMais in Numbers


We educate 350 students per week


Every day 15 to 25 volunteers help our students


We offer 9 varied educational programs

Free Education

Our programs are 100% free for our students

EduMais's Future Goals


EduMais’s short-term goal is to set up its programs in at least one other favela by 2022. A strong partnership, like the one EduMais currently shares with Solar Meninos de Luz, will need to be established. This is a requirement for successful operation in the favelas.


EduMais’s long-term vision is to have its own independent school of complementary education by 2026. This school will be based on the same principles EduMais presently holds: developing social and emotional learning alongside academic and physical education. The aim is to provide a complete complementary program of education to support the development of underprivileged students in public schools.

The four boys on our after-school program and volunteer Gabriele point to a monkey in the trees in Parque Lage Rio de Janeiro

Help us to make this dream a reality!

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Where did EduMais Begin?

Who founded EduMais? What were her motives? How did it all start?
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