Feed a family for €12,50

Save lives by buying a cesta básica (basic basket) of 14 essential food items

Provide sanitation for €12,50

Help stop the spread of Covid-19 as the basket includes 8 vital sanitation products

Support online education

Give our children the chance to continue learning despite the school shutdown


COVID-19 is having a devastating impact in the favelas:


• Most people in the favelas have lost all income

• There is no money for food or sanitation products

Social distancing is impossible in cramped living spaces

No healthcare or testing is being provided

• All classes have been taken online

Support EduMais’ students and 170 of the poorest families through this desperate situation.

Just €12,50 supplies 14 non-perishable food items and 8 crucial sanitary products to those who need them most.



Basic food items

Sanitation products

Covid-19 Relief Fund

The amount raised to support favela residents so far. The percentage calculation is based on the prediction that supplies will be needed for 7 months, though this may increase. In total, €40.326 has been raised so far. In September were confronted by an increase of 13.5% for food & sanitation baskets for the month of October and November.

Target €7638/month Donate

A massive thank you to everyone who has donated so far!

EduMais volunteer hands out food baskets
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