EduMais Sport

EduMais Sport is here for the kids of Rio de Janeiro’s favelas.

Not every child loves to learn inside the classroom. Yet they can still learn a lot through participation in sports. To support these children in learning sustainable life lessons, we’re reaching them through the sport so beloved in Brazil – futebol!

Football/soccer is an essential part of Brazilian culture and the kids absolutely love playing it. But for football to be education-based, for it to develop beyond the fun of a game and the joy of winning, we must be intentional.

The main goal of all our programs is to develop people by expanding their social and emotional skills. We want to transform a game of football into an opportunity to create caring, empathetic, responsible members of society.

Using the tools and techniques of Positive Discipline, our Education-Based Football Program thus encourages students to learn responsible personal and social behaviours while playing ‘the beautiful game’.

EduMais volunteer Iris plays football with kids on the pitch with houses of the Cantagalo favela visible in the background
EduMais football volunteer Mads poses with the program's youngest student, who is about a third of his size

How the Program Works

The program is lead by William, a well-known and respected member of the Cantagalo community. With experience as a professional footballer, he is exactly the right person to develop the children’s football skills.

From Monday to Saturday, the kids receive two hours of football training every evening, weather permitting. We aim to develop them in three main areas:

  1. Life Skills
    We work on the children’s self-respect, as well as their respect for others.  They are also taught fair play, leadership and self-expression.
  2. Cognitive skills
    Students learn the rules, tactics, and strategies of football. This develops their decision-making, problem-solving, and ability to act as cooperative team members.
  3. Psychomotor skills
    Students develop the skills, strategies, and tactics necessary to successfully participate in soccer classes while improving their cardiovascular strength.

Keeping Kids Safe

Children in Rio attend school either in the morning or the afternoon. If their parents work, this can leave them unsupervised for long periods of time.

This can have terrible consequences, especially as the kids we work with live in areas with high levels of poverty and urban violence. For example, children not enrolled in after-school programs are 50% more likely to experiment with drugs and alcohol, three times more likely to skip classes, and five times more likely to fail in school.

EduMais Sport’s Education-Based Football Program supervises these kids during the high-risk after-school hours. We help them to develop the vital life skills they need to broaden their horizons and enjoy successful futures.

We currently reach 50 children through the football program. Support us and together we’ll help these wonderful children achieve their goals!

EduMais football program leader William with 15 of his students on the pitch at night and five soccer balls

Would you like to help William develop our kids’ soccer skills?

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