From Amsterdam to Rio de Janeiro. 9577 kilometers. 20.000 euro.
Let’s do it!




This fundraiser Amsterdam2Rio is to support a great project by EduMais & Games of Health in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. The project encourages the creation of digital games by children from the favelas through a framework named “I’ve made my game.”  The process, based on collaboration, imagination, allows children to be involved in intellectual and affective activities of negotiation, ideas development, results analysis,  interaction and creation.

Play is one of the most important aspects of a child’s life. Why? Because through playing children learn to think creatively and interact socially.

Through play, they develop physically and discover a slew of emotional skills and they learn how to process the world. In short, play is pivotal to your child’s development. Play is how children learn.

We are organizing this project in collaboration with GAMES FOR HEALTH EUROPE FOUNDATION, a Dutch non-governmental organization. With their professional help we will educate 38 children in game design and 6 to 12 young people to be trained to become teachers.

Edumais & Games for Health

The steps to join the event:


–> Send an email to amsterdam2rio@edumais.org
–> Follow @amsterdam2rio on Instagram
–> Send around the information about the event to friends & family
–> Start raising funds
–> Be active!

Join the fundraiser event for a better education for children in the favela.
For €45 one child can enter the course!

Total kilometers: 9577.
Kilometers done: 2742
Kilometers to do: 6833

last update: 22 nov., 9.16 hrs (Brazilian time)

Total fundraiser: €20.000.
Funds raised: €1140
Funds to raise: €18.860

last update 22 nov., 9.18 hr (Brazilian time)

The Goals

The goals for the Amsterdam2Rio fundraiser are clear: we need at least to achieve once the distance between Amsterdam and Rio, 9.577 kilometers, and we want to raise 20.000 euros for the project.

Are you ready for the challenge

How to participate

We really want as many people to join the event, all over the world.

There are two things you should do: first send an email to amsterdam2rio@edumais.org with your name, age and location. We will send you all the info you need to convince your friends and family to join and/or support you. Second: start raising funds!

Follow us on social media and/or whatsapp

This is an important part: social media, and specifically Instagram. We will use our Instagram as the primary way to communicate with the participants of the event and promote the event. Join our Instagram NOW!

We will send updates as well through our website and on whatsapp. If you don’t have Instagram, make sure you at least get in the whatsapp group (if you have Instagram, get in the whatsapp group as well!!!). Send your telephone number in the participation email and we will add you to the group.

And have fun!

And of course, even though we want to achieve our goals, and we want to be fit, and we want to be active, the most important thing for everyone is to have fun.
We will have some challenges during the event, that will make things more interesting. And we have a part on this website with photos of the participants during the event. There will be a prize for the best photo!

So connect, take photos, do your activity & raise some funds. And together we can make this an unforgettable experience.


22 nov. | Last 9 days!!

There are only 9 days left! Join now to get us more kilometers, and also more donations for this important project for the kids in the favelas of Cantagalo and Pavão-Pavãozinho.

9 nov. | One week Amsterdam2Rio

The first week of the Amsterdam2Rio event has passed and we had a great week. Over 30 people all around the world have run, biked and walked over a 1000 km and raised almost 700 euros for EduMais. We are looking forward to our second week, all the activities and your mental & financial support!

2 nov. | First kilometers are in the books

Yes,  the first kilometers have been done. Almost 150 kilometers on the first day is a great result. Let’s go!

1 nov. | Start event amsterdam2rio

21 oct. | Start promotion event amsterdam2rio

I am super enthusiastic about the Amsterdam2Rio fundraiser. Over the years we have combined different fundraisers. The ones I like myself are the ones where we can get people involved with physical action, where we can celebrate physical achievements with a purpose. A purpose to support our children and youth with more and better educational opportunities. Everyone can walk, swim, run, bike, row a little bit and how much fun is it to spread the message why do it for EduMais. It makes the activity so different then when you do it to stay healthy, in shape, or maybe even training for a marathon for yourself. The cool thing is that you get in contact with like-minded people around the world all wanting to do something good together. I invite you to run, walk, swim, bike, row or any physical activity of your liking and ask your friends, family to sponsor you for the kilometers you do. Let’s do it together, let’s have a lot of fun and get those goals!.
– Diana Nijboer, founder EduMais


The amount raised to give our students the possibility to learn how to digitally connect people through gaming. Make sure to add ADAMRIO in the field of your last name, so we can identify the gift as part of the fundraiser event (ex. Diana Nijboer ADAMRIO)

Last donations: 

19/11 No name (Austria) – €25

14/11 No name (Netherlands) – €100

7/11 W. ten Harkel (Netherlands) – €100

5/11 No name (Brazil) – €44

2/11 JW Zeldenrust (Brazil) – €25

2/11 Olivier Crijns (Netherlands) – €10

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Donation Total: €50 One Time